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Some unwanted settings after upgrading WebsiteBaker to SP6 or SP7

Upgrading WB to the latest version is always a good idea.. but..

Unfortuntly there are some default settings enabled that could break your website after upgrading from an older revision.

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How to restrict maximum number of pages in WebsiteBaker

Normally in WebsiteBaker you’re able to create an unlimited number of pages. But what if you want to restrict that to a certain number of pages, e.g. when your customer can only create a maximum of 5 pages.

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Vulnerability 2.8.3-SP5 and probably prior

A vulnerabity was found in WebsiteBaker version 2.8.3 SP5.
The problem was existing in earlier versions too, so action is required.

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WebsiteBaker versus Wordpress

by Boudewijn van den Akker -

As we all know Wordpress is the leading cms in the World. Lots of articles are written about that but the truth is…. Why is it so immense popular and even more important; what results are given when comparing to WebsiteBaker?

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Building a basic template - Part 2

By Robin Bruinsma - Nibz

Porting template to WebsiteBaker

Hi there, and welcome to the second part of my tutorial.

In the first part of the tutorial we built a HTML template, in this part we are going to convert it to a folder with files that WebsiteBaker will understand (further on I will call this ‘porting’ just like in the title of this tutorial).

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