WebsiteBaker beginner

If you are a beginner using WebsiteBaker you might find some helpfull tips here.

Permissions in your webserver

Not really a WebsiteBaker issue, but it is one of the most seen cause of problems.

A *nix (unix/linux) webserver uses a permissions method a bit different from what most people are used to see in Windows.
Files and directories are owned by a user in the system. All files can have permissions set to read/write/execute by the owner of the file, or by the group a user belongs to or just by everyone.

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Finding modules for your website

If you need your website to do something more than display text and an occasional image you might need a module to enhanche the CMS's functionality.

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Installing WebsiteBaker (version 2.8.3)

For installing the WebsiteBaker CMS you will need FTP access to a webserver, and you should be able to create a database for WebsiteBaker to store its content.

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