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Remove the ?lang= parameter in multilingual websites

Don't you hate the ?lang=EN or ?lang=NL parameter that is added by WebsiteBaker when you change to another language?

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MySQL strict mode > my module will not...

More and more hosting companies are configuring their MySQL servers in strict mode (the default for MySQL 5.7).

Many (older) modules for WebsiteBaker (and even older WebsiteBaker versions) rely on MySQL not being strict.

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Testing your new template on a live website

Sooner or later it happens to all of us.
A live website needs to get a new template/layout but you do not want "the public" to see it yet.

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How to restrict maximum number of pages in WebsiteBaker

Normally in WebsiteBaker you’re able to create an unlimited number of pages. But what if you want to restrict that to a certain number of pages, e.g. when your customer can only create a maximum of 5 pages.

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Using multiple columns dynamically in a template

Sometimes you want to use more than one column in a template, but not on all pages.
This article will explain how to do this.

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Keep visitors (and Google) away when you are building your website

If you are developing your new website you (or your customer) will need to check how things look every now and then.
Using this solution you can only browse the website after a password is succefully posted.

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