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Remove the ?lang= parameter in multilingual websites

Don't you hate the ?lang=EN or ?lang=NL parameter that is added by WebsiteBaker when you change to another language?

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Problems reaching the WebsiteBaker websites?

The problems with the DNS servers for are solved. You should have no problems reaching the websites anymore!

Some time ago the master DNS servers of WebsiteBaker were changed. Since that time it is difficult to reach the WebsiteBaker websites for some.

It was reported in the websitebaker forum, but if you cannot connect there you might have missed it.

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Make your WebsiteBaker admin more secure

WebsiteBaker  does not have any intrusion detection on the admin pages, so any brute-force attack can go on for a long time without you knowing about it.

There is a solution.

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WebsiteBaker versus Wordpress

by Boudewijn van den Akker -

As we all know Wordpress is the leading cms in the World. Lots of articles are written about that but the truth is…. Why is it so immense popular and even more important; what results are given when comparing to WebsiteBaker?

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